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Eshaan Menon

BSc. Software Engineering (Hons) - Asia Pacific University and Staffordshire University (Dual Award)

Young Southeast Asian Leader's Initiative (Civic Engagement)- University of Massachusetts-Amherst

World Federation of UN Associations Youth Advisory Council Member for Asia (2018-2021)

Emerging Technology Research

Research and Development towards applications of emerging technologies

Progressive Web Applications

Consultation, design and development of full stack Progressive Web Applications

UI/UX Design and Development

Consultation, design and development of unique experiences and interfaces

Cloud Migration and Development

Consultation, design and development of solutions utilising cloud services

New Projects

Blox - Sawtooth on the modern web

This project is an adaptation of the Hyperledger Sawtooth Supply Chain repository on Github under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, more details can be found on the project’s GitHub page.

Blox is a lightweight progressive web application built as an extension of the Hyperledger Sawtooth AssetTrack sample for supply chain management.

Blox is powered by the same smart contracts for managing your assets on a distributed ledger but with the many benefits of a progressive web app built in.

Developed as an open source project in in partial requirement of the award of BSc. Software Engineering (Hons) at Asia Pacific University

Eshaan Menon


Organising Experience

The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is a global nonprofit organization representing and coordinating a membership of over 100 national United Nations Associations (UNAs) and their thousands of constituents. 

The United Nations Association of Malaysia (UNAM) is a voluntary, independent, non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization. UN Associations (UNAs) in UN member countries have consultative status with the United Nations through the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA).

YouthHack Malaysia is a chapter of YouthHack which is a for-purpose organisation dedicated to developing the capacity of student entrepreneurs and help students learn more about technology, startups and entrepreneurship through various events such as startup challenges, code weekends, student incubators, coding bootcamps and more.

The APU Student Developer Society is a community of hackers and tech enthusiasts from all around the world. Open to all students of APU, the community has grown from 30 members to over 600 members on Facebook and still maintains an active presence on campus with multiple events being organised yearly for students at APU and beyond.